At every step of the process to create and build New Mindset, New Vision Elite Coaching, I had you in mind…

Before ANYTHING else, I just want to take a moment to say…


This is YOUR time. This is YOUR domain. This is YOUR life and platform to create! 

And I’m here to guide you through the process. I’m so proud of you for the commitment you’ve made (that’s the hardest part!)

To make sure that you’re maximizing your experience in the coaching group, here’s what you need to do next! 

If you run into any issues, my team would be happy to help. Contact customer support at hello@newmindsetcoaching.com. 

See you inside! 

‘Getting To Know You’ Questionnaire

Why are you here? What are your expectations for joining the group coaching? Tell me what I need to know about you to help you get the best experience.

Connect to the Exclusive Membership FB Group

In this exclusive members-only group, you’ll find camaraderie, accountability, and definitely some inspiration from other ‘coachees’ (and soon-to-be friends).