Here’s How To Get Mentorship With
The Inspirational Conversationalist…

To: Faith Walkers/Future Multi-Millionaires

Dear Winner,

If you’re reading this, then you need to know that mentorship is one of the strategic and fastest ways to get to your next level… and live a Purpose filled life.

Have you ever wondered why some people are successful in every area of life (Health, Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, Happiness)?

Do you feel like you have what it takes to have an abundance of Life and Wealth , Emotional Intelligence and Happiness?

Ever dreamed of getting advice, being empowered and coached from a powerhouse millionaire mindset strategist herself for less than a fast food meal a day?

If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions, then this will be the most important choice you’ll ever make….

But First A Word Of Warning:

This Mentorship is NOT for Everyone…

  • If you’re someone that doesn’t want to work hard
  • Who isn’t willing to put in the work…
  • Who isn’t willing to spend time educating yourself…
  • Who just sits by the sidelines and complains…
  • Who doesn’t want to become emotional intelligent 

Then This Mentorship is NOT for You!

In fact, this mentorship is ONLY for 1 type of person: One who wants a New-mindset with New Vision 

People who are committed to their success and willing to do whatever it takes to join the elite transformers of the world. You have to be willing to put in the work and implement the strategies you learn from EstellaDior and guests.

If that’s not you, then stop reading now, because we will, unfortunately, have to remove you from the coaching group if you try to join…

However, if you’re committed to becoming a better, stronger and more wealthy you and want to achieve that next level of income, wealth, and abundance…

If you’re tired of being stuck in life, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful…

Then read on… and BELIEVE you can and you will….

Meet Your Transformation Strategist

Dr. Estella Dior is an expert on Transformation Empowerment. Both her professional and personal endeavors rise above self love and growth  that promote individuality and creativity, to help you live a purpose filled life 

As CEO of New Mindset Coaching and a Author and world Renowned speaker, Dr. Dior has the rare ability to electrify her audiences with original and creative ideas along with her undeniable Transformation and ability to push past her pass

She is committed to helping her clients  find their purposes, passions, and voices through unique Strategic pathways that encourage and empower others to embrace their past failures…. while learning their strengths ultimately leading to individuals becoming the best version of themselves and doing their best work while building lasting legacies and creating wealth for generations to come. 

“The achievement of something desired, planned or attempted”

I want to teach you, I want to train you, I want to mentor you.
My mission is to leave this world with people just like YOU with a more abundant life.  All you need is to first take action, take that first step.
I have realized that out of everyone who follows me, there’s a small percentage of people just like me – people who crave that next level but just need the coaching to get there from someone who’s already done it
Which is why I decided to do these affordable group coaching calls…
My desire is to be able to mentor people just like you… people who are just starting their journey (people who are making under 1 million dollars a year)

Which is why I decided to do FB Live Group Mentorship Sessions for just $59.99 a month with an upgrade to VIP for $99.00 a month at your discretion.

On the FB Live group mentorship sessions, I’ll be personally helping you learn the skills, tactics, mindset, and capabilities that have allowed me to go from being broker than broke to establishing a multi-millionaire mindset…
The mentorship sessions will be once a month on FB Live and I’ll be teaching you exact strategies and tactics to succeed!
You will also be a member of a very Exclusive PRIVATE Facebook group – This is where you’ll be able to network and learn from like-minded future millionaires who are all elevating each other to the next level.
You’ll have the chance to ask me any questions you’d like. Even if you are not on the call LIVE, they will be archived to watch later, over and over.

Why Am I Doing This?

For the transformative stories that my clients and students get to share with the world!
I’ve found over the years that my most successful students – my best testimonials – have come from those who are getting ongoing coaching with me…
So I figured these valuable mentorship sessions may be the best way to get some of my best success stories.